YOUR LIFE - 4 Week Course


YOUR LIFE - 4 Week Course


Your Life - 4 Week Course


Your Life 4 week course allows you to make space for your future. It will centre, align and ground you in your heart space so that you can lead the life you desire. You will be guided through five life areas, to explore your most desired feelings in:


- Lifestyle + Livelihood

- Creativity + Learning

- Body + Wellness

- Relationships + Society

- Essence + Spirituality

We will create a sacred space, inner and outer – an altar, music, shared intentions and group healing.

We will offer up our own wisdom, relate, and learn from each other.

This coursework features work from Danielle LaPorte and it provides you with the tools to eliminate what is not working in your life, and allows you to focus on what your heart desires, bringing more joy into your life on a daily basis. 

Do you currently feel disconnected to yourself? 

Are you feeling stuck, stressed out or overwhelmed?

Do your goals seem somehow unreachable?

Do you want to find balance with work and home life?

Do you want more out of life?

"I highly recommend Sally-Ann's ‘Your Life Course’ she sets up a wonderful sacred space where magic can certainly happen. She exudes life experience, compassion, intuition, creativity and professionalism.....a great mix if you ask me! The coursework is suitable for people from all different walks of life and at all different stages of personal growth. I certainly accessed some new information about myself and gained a new level of self-belief. If you have been searching for a course to inspire change, then this is the one." Jaime - Holistic Counsellor and Energy Healing Practitioner.


About Sally-Ann:

Sally-Ann is a Holistic Counsellor and Energy Healer who intuitively taps into the deepest parts of the mind, body and soul. Using Oracle Cards and Crystals as part of her Energy Healing sessions, she creates a space of relaxation and tranquility where balance and inner healing takes place. The tragedy in her own life has provided her with an inner strength and an ability to heal not just herself, but others. Life is not about the pains we endure, it is about the passion, vibrancy, movement and flow within our lives. Through Counselling, coaching, healing and a series of personal development workshops Sally-Ann holds a sacred space to find clarity and alignment. Connecting clients to their unique creative expression releases pain, anxiety, depression and grief enabling them to become creative, resourceful and ultimately whole.

Price: Early Bird:195 (until May 31st) for 4 x 2.5 hr worshop

Price:Full price $225 (from June 1st)

Dates: Start Wednesday 28th June-19th July

Time: 5.45pm-8.15pm

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