How I Can Help...

You may have experienced deep trauma, are struggling with current stress, feelings of overwhelming anxiety, confusion, lack of direction, isolation, depression or grief. Days can be difficult. You have the ability to heal yourself, but sometimes are unable to find a way. Reaching out is a strength; it is the start of your healing. Connecting with people who listen, understand and support you is paramount to your own path of healing, growth and empowerment. 


When we lose confidence, or have blockages due to negative and often old crippling patterns of behaviour we become disconnected from ourselves. This stops the flow, our natural growth. So here I support you with sometimes very powerful shifts of energy that not only restart the flow, but allow it to become a constant power for your freedom and growth.



You will be fully supported on your journey connecting you back to your authentic self. Fully be alive in the moment transformations happen, confidence is rebuilt, as you become a happier, more balanced and empowered person. You are literally expressing a part of yourself that usually does not see the light of day.


You, like every individual out there, are powerfully unique in your own creativity. The key is to finding a source or activity you feel will really express your inner creative self.  This act of ‘letting go’ or ‘losing yourself’ is where you really find or rediscover parts of yourself you never knew existed or may only just be resurfacing. This can be such an illuminating, exciting and compelling journey to wholeness. My passion is to provide mentoring, counselling and support to encourage individuals to find their own dedication to creativity, so that they feel they have a way to reveal their own art of self in whatever form it may present itself.