I am truly passionate about personal empowerment


Intuitively going into the deepest parts of my mind, body and my soul, I have a developed a far greater understanding of my own life. I have delved into and embraced all aspects of myself. Standing by my sometimes broken self and nurtured her with love, compassion and forgiveness. There is a fire that burns inside me as I rise out of the ashes to magnificence. I have danced my inner and outer goddess, taken the nurturing steps for healing and empowered my own wellbeing. Life is not about the pains we endure, it is about the passion, vibrancy, movement and flow of our lives. Working alone, working in tribes, passionately supporting others in finding the colour and vibrancy in their own life. Connecting with women wishing to explore and question their soul’s energy and their purpose by igniting the passion within. Continually questioning my adult self, shining my light and intuitively resonating with women who want to find and empower themselves. So my wish is to serve you, to connect and support you to express yourself with authenicty and personal power. This process allows you to fully embrace your masculine and feminine energy and become creative, resourful and ultimately whole.